Foam Party

Inflatable Foam Party!

£225 4 hour day time hire

£295 4 hour evening hire

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A foam dance pit is a sealed inflatable pit made out of the same material as a commercial bouncy castle. A foam dance pit is filled with biodegradable foam and participants dance around to music in a cloud of fluffy foam.

The foam dance pit was designed to keep floors dry as foam parties are generally held on dance floors in nightclubs or outside on grass. A foam pit can be set up in the corner of a room in a nightclub so that only the people who want to participate get foamed. Foam dance pits are used in conjunctin with foam machines or foam cannons, this foam dance party is a spectacular sight guaranteed to leave party goers with a lasting impression. Previously only found in famous resort locations such as Ibiza. The foam party company is proud to be able to offer this service to all bars, nightclubs, colleges, schools, youth clubs and other organizations looking to throw one of the hottest foam parties in town!

Great for all kinds of events, student , college and School Parties, Beach Parties and Corporate Summer picnics. Come dance and play around in our Foam Pit and enjoy the fun. You can use this Foam Pit by itself or with a Disco.

The term "foam dance pit party" is really confusing to a lot of people. What is it? Why would someone want to play in foam? Do I need to hire one?

A foam dance party can be simple with foam pouring out of a machine into a nightclub or back garden. But you can also contain the foam in an inflatable pit.