Total Wipe-out

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Spinning Total Wipeout Game

Now available to hire, this fantastic addition to our range of fun-filled equipment hire is sure to entertain all ages.  Whether you're ready to face the challenge and take part or want to stand by and watch the show, the Wipeout Challenge will give you hours of joy.

Inspired by a certain popular television game show, there is lots of the fun to be had as up to four people take their place on one of the podiums and await the challenge.  Our fully trained operative will then invite you to jump, duck and totally avoid the wipeout pole as it spins round & around and up & down.

Participants can jump on just for fun or you can show off your competitive side as you try to stay on your podium to be the last one standing.

Providing hours of entertainment for young and old alike, everyone will be thrilled when they discover that you have hired the Wipeout Challenge.

Available to hire for a variety of events including family fun days, team building events, birthday parties, corporate events and private parties, the Wipeout Challenge will delight with its thrills and it's bright, funky coloured presentation.

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